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  • Arena di Verona (Verona, Italy)

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As standard we reserve category 6 seating for you. It is possible to upgrade your tickets to higher category if desired. Here is an overview of the categories available for Arena di Verona:

  • Category 6 (Gradinata) are unnumbered seats on the stairs of the Arena. Since the Arena is small and the acoustics are good, these are excellent spots to watch the opera.
    Note: You are not sitting on a chair but on the steps of the Arena. Cushions are available to rent in the Arena if required.
  • Category 5 (Poltroncina laterale) are seats near to but on the side of the stage.
  • Category 4 (Poltroncina) are excellent seats with a front view of the stage.
  • Category 3 (Poltrone) are located at the back in the ‘stalls’.
  • Category 2 (Poltronissime) seats are situated in the middle of the ‘stalls’.
  • Category 1 (Poltronissime Gold) are the very best seats that the Arena has to offer.
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